Paper Products & Dispensers

Our Paper Products And Dispensers

We carry a large range of paper products to suit a variety of needs. Each paper product has a corresponding dispenser available for sale here at O.B. Hygiene. Paper and dispensers can be sold separately.

Available Products

Standard Rolls

Standard toilet rolls 48 per pack
Mini Jumbo Rolls

Mini Jumbo rolls 12 per pack (1/2 ply)
Jumbo rolls

Jumbo toilet rolls 6 per pack (1/2 ply)
Bulk Toilet Paper

Bulk pack toilet paper (9000 sheets per box)
Wiper Rolls

Wiper rolls/mini centre feed 12 per box
Centre Pull Rolls

Centre pull rolls 6 rolls per box. Available in White or Blue (1/2 ply)
Z Fold Blue Sheets

Z fold blue 3520 sheets (1 ply)
C Fold Sheets

C fold 2880 sheets. Available in Blue or Green (1/2 ply)
C Fold White Sheets

C fold white 2400 sheets (2 ply)
Forecourt Rolls

1200 metre (1ply / 2 ply)

Core-less 36 per box (2 ply)

Pendemotic / Cormotic. 36 per case (2 ply)

Napkins 33cm or 40cm. Available in White or Coloured
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