House Keeping and Bathroom Products

Our House Keeping and Bathroom Products

Our selection of housekeeping hygiene products contains a cleaner for every situation. Our range includes urinal cleaners, toilet descalers, drain openers, multi-surface cleaners, disinfectants and bleach.

Available Products


Phosphoric acid based stainless steel urinal cleaner

A hard surface liquid toilet descaler

Powerful drain opener, ideal for showers, sinks and drains

Cleans and brightens all floor surfaces

Water soluble multi surface cleaner

Pine gel disinfectant, deodouriser and cleaning agent
Strongbow Bleach

A thickened bleach, cleaner and steriliser (foam or non foam)
Treble X

Disinfectant, cleaner and deodouriser
Baby Changers
  • Reliable, strong and hygenic nappy changing tables available in horizontal or vertical formats for the safe support of infants and babies
  • Rated upto static load of 250lbs / 113kg
  • Concave shape provides deep area for infant to lay, plus adjustable PVC coated safety strap provides an additional level of infant security
  • Integral dispenser takes 50 bed liners
  • Convenient bag hooks either end
  • Folds away when not in use
  • Self-adhesive sign for rest-room door to indicate changer is located inside
  • Changers are made from Derma-Tek high density polyethylene which inhibits bacterial growth
Infant Safety Seat
  • Supports up to 80lb (36kg) static load, three-point safety harness and concave seat provides a safe, convenient and hygienic platform, keeping infant away from the floor
  • Just 3" (8cm) deep when folded away
  • The Infant Seat is made from Derma-Tek high density polyethylene which inhibits bacterial growth
  • H: 34" (86cm), W: 19" (48cm), L: 34" (86cm)
Odour Control Metred Aerosol Dispenser
  • Bobson 330 - odour control metred aerosol dispenser
  • Electronically dispenses organic fragrances at an effective level 24 hours per day
  • Battery operated (2 x D-cell) with a choice of 6 spray intervals
  • Switch option of on/off, 12 or 24 hour operation
  • ABS strong construction and lockable to prevent aerosol theft
  • Red light flashes to show operational
  • Accepts Contico Kleenmist aerosols
Multi-Functional Aerosol Dispenser
  • Bobson 270 - odour control multi-functional aerosol dispenser
  • Electronically dispenses organic fragrances at an effective level of your choice 24/7
  • Totally programmable with advanced digital technology - easy 5 one touch button settings
  • 24 hour present time, desired start time, optional working hours 8/10/12/16 or 24
  • Refill option of 3400 sprays
  • Optional desired days usage 15/30/45/60/75/ or 90 cycle
  • Battery operated 1 x D cell battery for 12 months operation
  • ABS strong construction, lockable to prevent aerosol theft
  • Display panel
  • Accepts Contico Kleenmist aerosols as below
Odour Control Auto Aerosol Dispenser
  • Bobson 260 - odour control automatic aerosol dispenser
  • With LED indicator
  • 5/10/15/20 minute adjustable cycle
  • 24 hour day/night sensor
  • White impact ABS cabinet with marble effect trim
  • Requires 1 x D cell battery for 12 months operation
  • Lockable cabinet to prevent aerosol theft
  • Accepts Conticio KleenMist aerosols as below
  • H: 8" (20cm), W: 4" (9.9cm), D: 3" (8.2cm)
KleenMist Aerosols
  • Metred aerosols for dispenser cabinets
  • Approximately 3400 metred sprays (30 days) per aerosol will provide odour control coverage in rooms up to 6000ft3 when used with a Contico automatic aerosol dispenser
  • Choice of 12 delightful fragrances
KleenAire Gel Air Fragrance Cabinet
  • Deodoriser cabinet with fan/LED day/night sensor, battery operated
  • Silver metallic finish
  • H: 22cm (8 3/4"), W: 8cm (3 1/4"), D: 7.5cm (3")
Bobson 190 Gel Cabinet
  • Solid gel air-freshener deodoriser cabinet
  • 24/7 operation on/off mode only
  • Battery operated 1 x D cell
  • Durable ABS construction, lockable to prevent gel theft
  • Accepts all Contico Kleenaire or Citrus Gels
  • H: 8" (20cm), W: 3 3/4" (10cm), D: 3 1/3" (9cm)
KleenAire Fragrance Gels
  • Air fragrance gels that combine natures own essence from plants, fruits and exotic flowers to neutralise unpleasant odours
  • General purpose fragrances create ambience for offices, restaurants, restrooms, warm and humid areas, lobbies, etc
  • Sold in packs of 10 only
  • Available in Lemon, Apple, Grapefruit, Mint, Jasmine and Peach
Citrus Room Fresheners
  • These unique room fresheners are very different from other gel air fresheners
  • With concentrated fruit extract to capture the very essence of real fruit
  • Will fit KleenAire system or stand alone
  • Fragrance lasts for up to 8 weeks
  • Sold as pack of 6 only
  • Available in Orange and Lime
KleenFem Sanitary Bin
  • Feminine hygiene facilities, to an adequate standard, must be provided under Health and Hygiene Regulations
  • KleenFem is a compact design to fit all cubicles
  • Manufactured from hygienic high quality ABS plastic, durable and wipe clean surface, Foot operated with secure cover to avoid sight and exit of odours
  • 15 litre capacity
  • Sanitary bag dispenser and refills to ensure complete hygiene
  • H: 59cm (23"), W: 20cm (8"), D: 32cm (12 1/2")
Toilet Brush and Bowl Set
  • Floor standing, white bleach resistant polyproplene
  • Quality bristle toilet brush
KleenScreen Urinal Screen
  • Urinal screen with integral perfume blocks
  • Sold as 12 pack only
Deodoscreen Urinal Screen
  • With 30 day impregnated deodorant
  • Fits all urinals
  • Available in Blue, Green and Red
Crystal Blue Toilet Cleaner
  • Handy 9oz pot deodourises and freshens in one go
  • Sold as 12 pack only
Wizard Hand Dryer
  • Fully automatic advanced technology hand dryer
  • Good looks, strong damage resistant steel shell, sensor automatic operation with a short drying time, all combined in a budget priced package
  • 1600W, AC220V/50Hz, 2800 RPM Motor, 54W Power, 80c Temperature, CE Certified, Overheat Protection
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