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On Wednesday 5th of August newspapers around Ireland will be running a press release to promote OB Hygiene and advertise the exciting Activ8 range.

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Breaking News

The ongoing battle to stop the spread of swine flu has led to an increase of 11% in sales for an innovative hygiene product called Activ8. Cork-based company, OB Hygiene Ltd., is bringing in extra supplies of the product in order to cope with the current surge in demand from a wide variety of customers.

“Our customers range from the local corner shop to hospitals, hotels, schools, créches, kitchens and local authorities to name but a few”, said John O’Brien, Managing Director, OB Hygiene Ltd. The worldwide swine flu pandemic, and the fears that people have about the rate at which it appears to be spreading, has resulted in a spike in demand for Activ8.”

Activ8 is the first non-toxic, environmentally safe hygiene product in the marketplace. It is ideal for use in front line infection control with applications ranging from the spread of Swine Flu, MRSA, Avian Flu, Sars, Clsotridium Difficile and other pandemics.

“We simply cannot afford to compromise on hygiene standards when battling these potentially life threatening viruses and bacteria. Therefore, maintaining the highest hygiene standards in public facilities such as hospitals, schools and creches is vital in the fight to prevent their spread”, continued Mr. O’Brien.

About OB Hygiene

OB Hygiene Limited is located at the Mayfield Business Park in Cork and was set up in 2000 to supply speciality hygiene and maintenance products to a wide variety of businesses across a number of sectors. The company employs 13 staff and has an annual turnover of nearly two million.

The company provides backup health and safety data on all of its products and individual site assessments can be undertaken where specific hygiene problems occur. The company’s experienced team includes qualified chemists and a microbiologist who constantly strive to improve quality hygiene standards while remaining committed to protecting the environment.
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