First Aid Supplies

First Aid Essentials

Whether at work or at home a first aid kit is essential. Accidents happen and being prepared with a first aid kit can help control and soothe minor cuts, burns or other injuries. Many injuries are not life threatening and do not require immediate medical attention, but it is important to treat these injuries with first aid supplies to avoid infection and contamination.

Our First Aid Kit

At O.B. Hygiene we sell quality first aid kits in sizes to suit all needs. 10 person, 20 person and 50 person kits are available. Items to restock the kit are also available for sale individually so your kit can always be fully stocked.

Each First aid kit contains

Small Scissors
  • Small sturdy scissors for first aid use
  • Ideal for trimming bandages
Burn Gel
  • Soothing antiseptic gel to ease minor burns
Blue plasters
  • Blue plasters are essential in avoiding contamination in the workplace
Clear Plasters
  • Clear plasters are comfortable and discrete for everyday use
  • Soft hygiene bandages for binding minor injuries and wounds
Antiseptic wipes
  • Useful in many situations to prevent infection
Eye Wash
  • Eye safety is crucial and a nearby eye wash can help prevent serious damage
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