Aerosol Products

Our Aerosol Products

Here at O.B. Hygiene we stock a large variety of multi purpose aerosols. Among our products we have air sanitisers, rapid freeze sprays, protective polishes, galvanising spray, glass cleaners and antistatic foam cleaners.

Available Products

Air Freshener

A peach and Jasmine air sanitiser and freshener
Artic Freezing Fluid

Rapid freeze spray for gum removal or circuit checking

For use in the engineering industry with welding
Dust Ease

Compresses air for cleaning keyboards, printers etc
East Free

Penetrating corrosion solvent
Easy Wax

Protective polish for use on furniture, leather, plastic etc
Graffiti cleaner

Odour free graffiti cleaner for internal or external use
Line Marking Paint

For marking or highlighting on roads. Available in Red, Blue, Green, White and Yellow

High Zinc concentrated galvanising spray
Steel Shean

Used for buffing or shining stainless steel

High quality glass and mirror cleaner

Antistatic foam cleaner and sanitiser for phones, faxes, computers etc
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